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· 23/06/2024

A Rite of Summer 2024

Festival of Contemplative Arts

The second edition of A Rite of Summer is getting ready and we already have the confirmed names of artists from different disciplines, from around the world and the country, who will accompany us during the eve and the night of San Juan.

Eivind Aarset, Jan Bang, Claudia Baulies, Nik Bärtsch, Lucía Fumero, Shai Maestro, Clara Peya, Pablo Rosal, Kris Tena, Rosa Tharrats, Gabriel Ventura, Emma Villavecchia, Max Villavecchia are the artists of A Rite of Summer 2024.

With a current, open and experimental musical program by the hand of great references in the contemporary jazz scene and improvised music at European level. We will also have a play that reflects on the link between art and politics and a piece on contemplative art that brings together poets, musicians and a dancer.

Participants will be able to follow a circuit aimed at applying the contemplative gaze throughout the day through proposals for reflection and textual and audiovisual resources; or they can enjoy the experience at their own pace and approach.

During the shortest night of the year we propose an experience that will extend the temporality. During the noisiest night of the year we propose the silence of an extraordinary natural environment. During the wildest night of the year, we propose the intoxication of all the senses.