LAC. Laboratori Arts Contemplatives

  • Philosophical retreat
ยท 06/07 - 06/09

Care work and artistic creation: the genius in dispute

With Eugenia Tenenbaum

What is genius and who are the subjects destined for genius? A philosophical retreat with Eugenia Tenenbaum

In ancient philosophy, life in community, the living word, the presence and encounter of bodies was considered the best form for a life in search of wisdom and goodness. In our quest to find the most fruitful ways to live together, create and think, the LAC rescues this tradition from the mire of time with the retreats of coexistence with women thinkers and artists.

That is why we are very excited to announce that, as part of a residency that will be held here in June, we will have Eugenia Tenenbaum, art historian, writer and disseminator, who, above all, embodies the rigor, intelligence, kindness and sensitivity that we want to take care of at the LAC.

With Eugenia we will reflect and discuss how, in parallel to contemporary individualization processes and the emergence of mass media, the notion of “genius” emerged to naturalize cultural preferences for the white, masculine and western. By dint of repetition and habit, the ode to artistic genius thus became an ode to the defense of the status quo, but what is “genius” in reality and who are the subjects destined for “genius”? The artistic canon, as well as the concept of genius itself, due to its character of historiographic invention, allows for a meticulous dissection of how much myth and how much reality there is in its assumptions. A deconstruction of what we understand by “genius” allows us to approach a relocation of the role that care work, cultural extractivism and systems of oppression play both in Art History and in our daily lives.

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to live with the resident Buddhist community and join the dynamics of meditation, silence and introspection. In addition, a delicious and carefully prepared gastronomic and wine proposal will be prepared, which will make the sensory experience an enjoyable one and the after-dinner conversations a fertile space in which to share.

The natural environment, isolated from the noise of the city, among cliffs, vultures and cloud banks, will make this weekend a unique experience.